Yokohama Bay Bridge on a

sunny New Year's Day in 2017

The delapidated house appeared forlorned and forgotted. I wondered who might have lived there. Why was it still standing when around it trendified buildings lined the street on both sides?Was someone living there now who refused to move out? Or were children waiting with growing impatience for elderly parents to die? I discarded those morbid thoughts and continued walking.

At last I reached the park. I took photos of the bridge from the viewpoint of the trees. The trees framed the bridge

I was on my way back to the subway station when I spied a statue of a young girl in the French Park. With the grace of a ballerina she posed on the pedestal. Her pose reminded me of my younger daughter performing on pointe in a ballet studio.

The weather was cold and the gray skies threatened me with icy cold rain. I nearly returned to bed when a voice inside me said, "Get dressed, you lazy bastard!"  I stepped outside and braved the icy cold winds and walked to Rinko Park. There I saw the Vegetable Tree. I removed my gloves and took the camera from my backpack. Despite the wind blowing in from the seaside, I walked around the tree.

I finished taking the photos and looked around. The seawater appeared gray and uninviting. Even threatening. Waves crashed against the embankment.

In the distance the view of the horizon cold and uninviting caused goosepimples to form under the layers of my winter clothes.

Cold and eager to warm my hands around a cup of hot coffee in my apartment, I  repacked the camera into my backpack. Pulling the wool knit cap tightly over my ears, I headed back home.

Dancing Waters

05: Summer 2016 Family Memories

David and Kim with her Children

01: Sunday, January 1, 2017

Heading toward my 75th birthday, I opened up a gate barring me from my final adventures in life. I wrenched it open and took tentative steps towad exploring the world outside the confines of the four walls of my apartment.

On the way to photograph Yokohama Bay Bridge from Minato no Mieru Oka Koen, I walked passed the Foreign Cemetery. Reminders of my mortality peered through the trees. But I moved forward with the resolve that I must embrace life with all the love I can give it.

She was gazing upward as if in a dream.

02: Sunday, January 8, 2017

03: Sunday, January 14, 2017

04: Sunday, January 30, 2017

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